3 Things That Are Guaranteed to Reduce Your Video Marketing Conversion

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There are a few things about online video that drive me nuts. I am sure I am not alone, because others have shared these comments with me:

“I can’t understand what they are saying”, “Is that a plant sticking out of his head”, “Forget it. I’m not waiting any longer for this video to load”, etc.

These comments all have one thing in common… the message the video was going to deliver, was never received. Here are those 3 things that are guaranteed to reduce your video marketing conversion.

1) Speed – why do people put up videos that require so much band width?

OK, I know if the video stutters, you press pause and wait for the video to load. But even worse is when you go to the page and it takes more that 30 seconds for just the player to load before I can even press play. (I am being really patient when I wait even 10 seconds).

Please test your video loading speed before you go live.

NOTE: not all high speed connections are created equal, so be considerate of your audience. Heck, it’s your message but their time!

2) Not checking your framing and back ground before shooting.

My dad use to say “measure twice cut once”. So in video that would be “Check your monitor twice, shoot once”.

I saw video the other day by a gentleman claiming to be a video expert. He was selling a package for $249 on how to produce professional video. As he’s telling me this in his landing page video, you can’t miss the huge plant that is positioned directly behind him. You can’t miss it because it is coming right out off the top of his head!

And I won’t go into the videos that I’ve seen where they frame the shot so the person is cut off at a joint like their waste, elbows, knees, etc. (never frame a subject cutting them off at a joint. It does not look natural and it does not make for good composition.

Double check your framing and keep your back ground simple and clean. (No objects coming out of the head, ears etc…)

3) Too much noise

If you can not clearly hear what the person in the video is saying… What is the video for?

One of the biggest problems is the use of small digital cameras that do not have an external microphone input. When there is to much ambient noise (ventilation, fans, back and loud background noise), the camera has to be very close to your subject.

Therefore, when shooting with one of these cameras, do a playback to make sure you can make out what the person said. It’s not for the look that reporters hold a microphone.

These 3 things can all be easily avoided. You just need to pay attention and be a pro.

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Bernie Landry is a website MacGyver. He has 27 years of audio communications experience, played on BBS’s and has been doing new media websites and marketing since the net started. The term website MacGyver was given to him by his clients because he fixes web site problems and marketing situations with what ever is available on hand at the time to get the problems resolved quickly. http://www.websitemacgyver.com

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