How to Reduce Your Pay Per Click Costs

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These following steps will assist you in solving your problem and reducing Pay Per Click costs for good. This may seem a little complicated but is well worth your efforts.

– Select Long-Tail Search Keywords

Long-tailed keywords are more targeted therefore will bring you higher quality traffic specifically searching for what you have to offer. Competition will be lower which means lower bids, bringing down your investment on more targeted keywords, double bonus!

– Create Keyword-Centric Ad Groups

This step may seem time consuming, but to run a successful ad campaign which has full control of your ad you need to use the specific keyword in the body of the ad. This will get you higher Click Through Rates and better Quality Score which will reduce your spend.

– Use Keyword Focused Landing Pages

Building your landing pages with more relevance to your keywords will reduce your costs by getting you a higher Quality Score and this will also increase your profits by gaining better Conversion Rates. When people are searching with a specific keyword they generally want to land on a page which is relevant to their search. If they do not find what they are searching for on the landing page that they are taken to most will simply leave the website and search again. If the landing page has what they are searching for, chances are the prospect will convert to a customer.

Search engines like relevance too and they will reward the advertiser for this with lower costs. Using a relevant landing page will always pay off for your business and your Pay Per Click advertising campaign.

– Write Attention Grabbing Headlines

A gripping headline will get more attention and will encourage the visitor to click through to your website,
getting you a higher Click Through Rate which generally means reduced costs for your Pay Per Click campaign. Also, more clicks means more potential customers visiting your landing page.

– Manually Reduce your Maximum Bids

When you have a good Click Through Rate and receive good Quality Score, manually reduce your Maximum bids by 15% daily. This will lower Pay Per Click costs without losing your position and Click Through Rate.

Pay Per Click advertising is the most effective form of online marketing and when done properly it can also be cost-effective. Using these tips will reduce your Pay Per Click costs, bringing you in the league of smart efficient marketers.

Wishing you Success

Kelly and Andrew

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