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A Google slap is when your website is labeled spam or otherwise useless and your pay per click advertising attempts are blocked as a result. You may know that you have been slapped if you notice that your pay per click bids have suddenly jumped sky high and it has become nearly impossible to afford to list your ads. It is a sinking feeling to know a site you have worked hard on has been pushed out by the biggest search engine out there, but the following tips should help you avoid the sting of the slap.

Don’t Make Yourself Spam

The worst thing you can do is get your site labeled as a spam site in the eyes of Google. Don’t stuff in keywords that do not fit naturally into the text of your site and never post material that has nothing to do with your overall subject or niche. Provide useful, original content for a real audience and you should stay clear of this pitfall.

Continually Post Fresh Content

Google will always smile on sites that routinely post fresh, unique content. If you spend too much time reprinting old articles or don’t update your site often enough, expect your ranking to suffer. Come up with truly unique content and post it often.

Build Up Your Site

Your site is not complete if you do not have at least 10 pages of unique, high quality content. Too many people think they can create a very simple landing page and bombard Google with pay per click bids, only to find that it backfires and they get a slap rather than a pocket full of cash! Take some time to establish your site and make it something worth looking at. That is the best way to impress not only Google but your visitors as well.

Focus Your Content

Avoid setting up one site and covering a wide variety of topics all together. If you are going to cover different topics split them out into separate pages and focus every page very tightly around similar keywords. You want Google spiders to know exactly what each page is about, focused keywords and content is the only way to do that.

Introduce Yourself

Make sure your site has some personal touch to it. This can be a page dedicated to introducing yourself with your bio and a professional picture, a FAQ page, or a page with contact details. This will show Google that you are a real site running a legitimate business, not a spammer trying to sucker people.

Link Building for the Long Haul

You know that one-way incoming links pointing to your site are essential to high Google rankings, but don’t assume that all links are judged equally. The longer a link exists the more Google is going to like it, so do whatever you can to keep those links up as long as possible.

Similarly, never throw up a ton of inbound links overnight. Spread them out and collect them over time so you aren’t lumped in with the spammers. The days of throwing up a fast, unimpressive site and roping in tons of cheap clicks are over. The competition is too stiff and Google is too serious to put up with that type of practice anymore. Take the time to develop your site and make it the best it can be. That is the only way to avoid the sting of the Google slap!

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