Small Business Web Site Design – Choosing a Domain

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The first step in small business web site design is purchasing a domain, ie. While this a fairly easy process there are a few things to consider. The easiest way to gain traffic and to be recognized by search engines is to make your URL and domain one in the same. For example if your company is called, ‘Theme Wedding Favors’, then you should buy the domain, ‘’. Some people choose domains that are unrelated to their company name, I strongly suggest against this. For example, Jane Doe owns, Theme Wedding Favors, so she decides to name her company after herself, instead of using the company’s actual name. This makes for a tricky search and less people will be inclined to remember or relate her name with her wedding favors company.

Sometimes the domain you want is not available, there are few ways around this. If ‘.com’ is taken then consider purchasing, ‘.org’, if that is taken then try, ‘.net’ and so forth. Often times if your first choice isn’t available then the domain name registrar will make suggestions, such as placing ‘the’ or ‘my’ in front of the address, this is a great way to obtain the address without compromising the name too much. If your domain is simply not available in any form then consider using hyphens, for example,, keep in mind though that this will be more difficult for the public to remember. The closer your domain is to your website name/company, the better, so you definitely want to try and make this happen. If someone else owns the domain you’re interested in then you can contact the owner by clicking the ‘’ link and name your price.

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