Will Bing Ever Rival Google?

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People all over the world are asking this question: Will Bing rival Google? A lot depends on the inspirations and machinations of the digital wonders at Microsoft and Google. The fact that Microsoft has not yet captured Google’s audience has to be pretty frustrating for the head honchos there.

The Beginnings…

It was Microsoft, after all, who dominated the home computer market with the Windows operating system that most people were using way back when they first heard they had mail. But Microsoft’s first search engine, MSN Explorer, was not much different than other search engines of its day. MSN results often included worthless spam that frustrated users.

Google entered the market at about the same time as MSN Explorer. It was launched after its founders polished up a few details that stymied spammers, including an algorithmic way of ranking search results. The name, incidentally, was taken from the mathematical term for ten to the hundredth power-a really huge number, by the way-googol.

Google takes over!

People began flocking to Google. They recommended it to their friends. They made it their home page. The word Google entered the common lexicon as people talked about googling information. They even googled themselves. For a long time Google flourished without doing anything more remarkable than just being the best search engine around. And then the higher-ups realized if they wanted to maintain Google’s status as the top-ranked search engine, they should work on things besides effective page rank.

Google Powers up!

Google joined the many other search engines offering free email accounts. And then it set its sites on businesses. It designed a series of business applications such as calendars and document formats that a company’s employees could share. It also created business advertising opportunities, with Google AdWords and AdSense becoming commonplace advertising terminology among small business owners. It presented maps, managed RSS feeds, and worked to organize the average daily user.

MSN (Bing) Jumps back in!

For a while, Microsoft sat back, watched, and analyzed. Now this giant company has taken itself off the search-engine sidelines and jumped back into the game. While Google once again has rested on its laurels, Microsoft has new ideas to answer the question of just how will Bing rival Google.

Its primary plan is not to chase Google’s business users or advertisers-at least not initially. For starters, its search engine was renamed. Microsoft chose Bing because it’s a short word that can slouch comfortably into colloquial use. And it is outspending Google, about $80 to Google’s $25 million. Most importantly, Microsoft has renovated its search engine.

Consider some of these features: Bing allows users to run the mouse along the right-hand side of the search results to light up a little blue arrow. This, in turn, highlights a thumbnail sample of the website you will go to if you click on that result. Another feature is the ability to view relevant videos on the left-hand side of the search results. If you’re still wondering will Bing rival Google, that answer has not yet been ranked.

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