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Why would Anyone want to advertise with Google AdWords?

Your answer is that it is probably one of the most effective ways to advertise on the web. However this type of advertising has a few things about it that you should seriously consider before you decide to advertise with it.

First off this is not a place to advertise for the complete Newbies or Beginners. If you don’t know yet what you are doing with regards to advertising your very first web page or business opportunity please take my advise and stay away from this sort of advertising until you know a bit more. If you really would like to tap in to this very powerful advertising method though there is places that can teach you the A-Z of advertising with AdWords.

Secondly you must read and re-read the terms and conditions of Google Thoroughly before starting a campaign. Google is very strict on what you can do and what you can’t. It is extremely easy to have your account deleted or your campaign’s keywords to be blacklisted. So please make sure you abide by the rules.

Thirdly I suggest you join a online business forum where you can get help when you get stuck. People normally are very willing to help you be successful but a word of advise from someone who has learned the hard way – Not all advise will put you on the right track.

The Fourth thing I suggest is to join a program that can teach you how to use AdWords successfully. From personal experience there is a lot of guides out there but a lot of them are a complete waste of your time or money. I’ve come across only three guides and programs which I will endorse as they were written by very successful online marketers that use this method as their only way of sending traffic to their sites.

There is a major consideration that you must bring in to account before you start to advertise with AdWords. No matter which platform you use to do PPC advertising you must have a budget to be able to do this type of advertising. Be warned this is not a cheap way of advertising! My personal suggestion is to have a budget of at least $500 to $2000 a month per campaign.

Now let’s say you have all the requirements that I mentioned above. What must I look out for?

Keywords is the key to any campaign. However you must find a Niche where you can actually be able to bid on keywords you can afford. An example of this is the Weight-Loss Market. If you want to try and compete with the big boys then you will have to be willing to pay $100 per click for a lot of the keywords in order to get your site on page one. So let us say you get 50 clicks then you will fork out $5,000 per day. That is $150,000 a month.

Now do you have this type of money just lying around?

No, I did not think so!

So you need to find keywords that is not so heavily searched as the main category keywords like LOSE WEIGHT. Rather go for keywords that has between 5000 and 15000 searches a month. 15000 searches is the maximum amount of searches you should go for, anything more than that you will start to go in to the red zone and go broke. I suggest to stick with 5000 or below searches and you might just find some rather nice keywords that allows you to get your page seen by a lot of visitors for very cheap.

So Where do I find Keywords?

There is a lot of free tools out there that can help you to find those keywords. Google has their own set of tools you can use. Finding the right Keywords though takes time and you have to do it right from the start. So put in the effort up front and it will pay of in the long run.

You must get your page on to the front page of the keyword page you have selected! If you are not on page one the chances of your web page to be seen is virtually zero! Most people only look at the first page of a particular search phrase. So if You are not in position 1 – 8 then you a wasting your money.

Now You’ve got my Keywords and You’ve got a campaign running, What Now?

Now you have to monitor your campaign daily. If you see that there is keywords with a low rating (under 5) delete them from your campaign otherwise they can start to bring down your other better performing keyword rankings and then eventually all your keyword will start to drop in ranking.

Tweak your campaign so that it works and sends you relevant visitors that converts to sales.
When you have finally got that super campaign that is letting the money flow in then you can start a second campaign and launch another product.

Gert Prinsloo

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