Dot Tel Domains – Renew Or Drop?

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Dot Tel Domains have been available to the public for nearly a full year. On 23rd March, 2010, or earlier, owners of these domains will have to make a decision about whether they renew or drop those domains which were only registered for a single year.

This not an easy decision to make. Firstly, it is hard to find enough information to base a sound decision on. The sales history of Dot Tels has been sparse and hard to find. Sales in the public domain have been made on Bido, Sedo, and a few other sites. But most of the sales, one would believe, have been made privately. This information is only available in drips and drabs on forums, and can not be verified.

Domain forums that have Dot Tel threads include Telnic’s, Telsters, NamePros, and DNForum. Most of the recorded sales are poor evidence because in many cases they are just hearsay. Dnsaleprice, which is an aggregator of sales information, has a list of recorded sales made on sites like Sedo. But their sales list is inaccurate and outdated. Telnic’s forum is now the most popular of the forums by a wide margin.

Registrations since the launch date are a more reliable indicator of the popularity of Dot Tels. Within 72 hours of launching on 24th March, 2009, there were 100 thousand registered domains. According to Telnic, the promoter of the top level extension, there are now 275 thousand domains. This is an increase of 2.75 times. This is a fairly good outcome for the first year.

Telnic had a professionally produced video made of a train station scene in which a hypothetical Dot Tel user named Ben, wins the attention of a girl by using his Dot Tel. This, and copies of it, have attracted over 600 thousand views on You Tube alone. There is definitely growing product awareness.

The potential for Dot Tel to lose ground to a social network that might produce personal web sites for their members exists. But Telnic’s technology is targeted to just contact information and some text. If using it, you can go straight to the contact information without having to crawl around any high content web site pages. This is a solid advantage, and a clear niche for the extension.

Recently, Telnic advised owners of Dot Tel domain changes. These included changes to the web page displays and the addition of Google AdSense to to them. This can only be positive for the web sites, for users, and for owners wanting to make money from them.

The facts surrounding Dot Tels now indicate that owners should lean more towards renewing rather than dropping their domains. This top level domain extension has not yet had time, given the low marketing budget and short period since launch, to penetrate into the marketplace in a big way. There is currently quite a lot of development activity in the extension with the addition of valuable domain management tools. And there is also a growing commercial interest. These things could lift the domains’ popularity significantly within the next registration year.

Bill Rutherfurd is an early Dot Tel adopter. It has fast access to contact data and information especially on mobile phones. It is also one of the cheapest ways for a business or individual to get a web presence. To see his Taupo, New Zealand directory please go to and follow the links. He also has a dot tel blog at where anyone can request a free copy of his new ebook called Decision 2010, Renew or Drop.

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