How to Do SEO For a Site – On Page and Off Page

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On-Page Optimization:

On page optimization is also known as modifying the content on your website. The website has information and graphics on the web pages, they are modified in such a way that the search engines such as Google, Yahoo and MSN are able to find and read the same. The website has Meta tags, Meta description, Title tags, anchors and headings which must include the relevant keywords so that when these keywords are searched as search term on the search engines, they must be able to index your website. A proper keyword analysis is done so that more appropriate and relevant keywords are included to your website. There are tools available for keyword research such as AdWords and you are able to check the daily searches, monthly searches and yearly search for them and decide accordingly which are best suited to your website. Along with this, you also need to do research of your competitor’s website to check what keywords they are using. You need to analyze the various factors which are affecting their website’s rankings. This will help you decide the SEO strategies for your website.

Off-page optimization:

Off-page optimization is a technique of SEO which is done to get the high page rank (PR) of the website and it performed after the website has gone live. These techniques are aimed to get more and more traffic on the website. There are following components of off-page optimization explained below:

• Link Building: It is done on the website to get the web links from the other websites so that the visitors are redirected to your website. This increases the link popularity on your website and results in the better ranking on the search engines. There are three types of link building; One-way linking, two-way linking and three-way linking. Out of these three, one-way link building is the most effective way to increase the quality traffic on your website.
• Article Submission: You can submit the articles on various article directories and embed the anchor links to your website and make sure that the web page displays the relevant information and must be in sync with the article you have posted to the article directory. You can get quality of article written for your website.
• Blogs, Forums and Directory Submission: You can get the postings on various blog, forums and message boards. You get participate in these discussion and post the links to your website which will eventually drive visitors on your website elevating the traffic. Likewise, you can also submit the web links to various directories so that the links are spread to the various websites.

Both techniques of search engine optimization do have great impact on the rankings of a website. However, they must be performed by SEO experts and professional to get the maximum results. Afterward, you can enjoy huge traffic and potential customers on your website

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