How to Make Money Online From Home – AdWords – Part 1 of 4

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If you’re an Internet Marketer, Affiliate Marketer, Retailer, or a business owner of some other kind, we all want to know how to make money online in AdWords. This is where everyone is and we want to get the business over our competitors. Google is an ever changing monster, if you have been marketing since July you probably know what I mean. They recently “cleaned house” by getting rid of all the irrelevant information and scams. Which ultimately does everyone justice, but for those that had only minor changes to make they were unsure what to do. You see, Google doesn’t tell you what changes to make. It is up to you as a marketer to figure that out.

So what does Google want?

Google was born in 1998 and was to compete with Overture, now Yahoo. How did they win? When someone “Googled” something, the most relevant information according to their query would appear. More relevant than any other search engine. As consumers figured that out, they flocked to Google to get their questions answered correctly. To this day Google prides itself on answering questions best. This is why it is so important that your information is relevant to the search if you ever want to be found. You do this through keyword research. Making sure Google’s bots know exactly what it is you’re about so you will appear when the timing is right.

In the beginning

In the beginning, marketers would get a bunch of words and basically threw them and whatever stuck they would use. This was before people really knew what to type in the search query box. Now consumers know they can get accurate information if they put in a good query so they use long-tailed keywords to get the right answer. A long-tailed keyword is lemon fresh scent laundry detergent, instead of laundry detergent.

How do you know if you’re relevant to Google?

Keyword research is the most important aspect of being relevant and having success online. If you don’t have the proper keywords, you either won’t be found or you will be found until Google figures out you suck. Then they “Slap” you! So how do you figure out the best keywords for what you’re doing? Google’s AdWords has a free keyword search tool. It shows you other keywords that may go well with your base word, cost per click (CPC), number of searches both locally and globally, as well as estimated ad position based on your bid and month of highest volume. You can play with the bid amount to show where you might be placed on the page. It also gives you an option to choose broad match, “phrase match”, [exact match] and negatives.

Wonder Wheel

Another great keyword tool is the Wonder Wheel. The Wonder Wheel is a keyword research tool that gives you other related keywords. Select on one of them and it gives you an entirely new wonder wheel to play with. So if you type in home business and one of the spikes on the wonder wheel says home based business whereas another may say mailing envelopes, if one of those are more relevant then select it for more ideas. The Wonder Wheel is found under the “Show Options” on the left of the screen after you have “Googled” something.

To make money online with Google, make sure you do effective keyword research, be relevant and play the Google game. If you play by the rules, you will have a very profitable business.

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