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When you learn SEO and keyword research tips, you will see that it is truly achievable to be ranked #1 on Google. While deciding to commence afresh career in multi-level marketing or Internet Marketing, you must learn to be a success by understanding Search Engine Optimization without using a SEO company. Google has achieved the position as the most popular search engine on the internet. Almost everyone uses Google to search cyberspace everyday. Yahoo may have set the standard; but it is Google that has taken the collection, organization, and reporting of data to the next level in order to aid in the ever growing internet marketing industry. Google has almost monopolized, 82%, of all searches. Understanding that 4 out of 5 computers use Google as the SE should begin to shed light on how to optimize your internet material. Additionally, you will need to learn the importance of keywords and finding the right combination for your material.

When you are learning SEO, you will discover keywords and how to perform a keyword search. Keywords are a significant factor of search engine ranking. The reason for this is for indexing purposes. Every search engine indexes differently, but performs three of the same tasks; search the internet for keywords, index the keywords with corresponding addresses, and produce an instant list of addresses linked to specific keywords. Each search engine has programmed spiders that crawl amongst the pages and follows links creating a web like design; hence World Wide Web, spiders, crawling, and yes these are the actual names of the tools. No, there really is not a bunch of spiders in cyberspace crawling in and out of pages and magically jumping through links; those with arachnophobia rest assured. Back to reality, each spider has been designed to hold up to 300 connections, crawl 25 pages in a second, while generating 150 kb of data. The data that is generated are keywords, more specifically every significant word on the page and where the words are found.

While performing keyword research, you need to keep in mind that you are looking for a word that many people use when searching. There are many SEO tools available; such as the Google Keyword Tool, it is free and provides good information for all types of qualitative research methods. For example, you have material on weaving with a specialty in underwater weaving; using keyword tools to perform searches that will provide the actual words that are searched. In this case, the keyword “underwater weaving” has a search volume of 4,400 while keyword “basket weaving” has 40,500 searches. Using this information, you would want to use “weaving” since this word is so widely searched. However, the trick to keywords is this, you want to take these keywords and do an actual search with them. The results for “underwater weaving” are almost 5 million, and “basket weaving” has over 537,000 results. If you are to add just one word, “learn” to “basket weaving”, your results are much better; the searches are much smaller, 73 and the results are 121,000. You will have a much better chance at reaching the number one spot when competing with 121 thousand other pages of material than almost 5 million.

Now that you have a perfect keyword, you need to place it in your text. Saturating your information with your keyword is the next task. When you were in school, you were taught that your title is a description of what the paper is about. You are using a keyword that describes what you are marketing. Here is a light bulb moment, use the keyword in the title and in the first paragraph. You should have a saturation of roughly 3-5% in your text. Then include links to your capture page, blog or video. These links are usually entered into the end of an article or a video. When your links are clicked, your rankings increase on all of your content. Due to the popularity of videos, they receive a higher ranking than a blog or an article. Nevertheless, whatever type of media you choose to use to get your mission spread be sure to include the link to your capture page; this is where your visitors will enter contact information.

Learning SEO and search engine marketing depends on the desire and dedication you have towards creating a successful internet home based business. You may decide to research how to develop the best search engine submission; thus, you will not learn the correct method to internet marketing research and SEO optimization. You should research a successful mentor or training program that will provide the fine details of search engine optimization and keyword research. Mastering network marketing has never been easier. You can learn SEO and keyword research tips.

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