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If you have a website for any kind of business, you know how frustrating it can be to get even a small amount of traffic to a new web site. Search Engine Optimization is an ever-changing process, where you slowly get your page ranking higher, and in turn get more free business. Read on to find out some free ways that you can use SEO to get your site ranking higher.

Here are 5 things that you can do right now to move your page up in rank without spending a dime:

1. Give the search engine what it’s looking for, good content that is fresh. You will need to frequently update your page so that the search engines will notice that they need to come back often. The more you provide new content on your page that is relevant to what the customer is searching for, the higher you will rank.

2. You need to have links to your page from other sources. This can be through the use of sharing links with other businesses, linking to your own page from a high-ranked site that you already own, creating a blog and linking to it, and writing articles with your contact information.

3. Make sure that you are only optimizing your entire page towards a single keyword or phrase. If you try to use the shotgun approach and go for a bunch of words, the search engines will not view you page as relevant for any particular keywords and rank it high anywhere.

4. Make sure that you use the keywords in the headline, the page title, and the description of the page. This way the engines will view the page as very important for a particular term and will bring the it up in rank.

5. Make sure that you use the keywords within the first 50-100 words on the page. Again, the engines will look here for relevancy to the keyword.

These engines are getting more sophisticated as to what kinds of information they want to offer their customers. If you offer up your page in a way that the internet is looking for, then you will have a much better chance of ranking higher than those business owners that just put up a site without any game plan at all. Remember that SEO can be a full-time job on a site. The engines do not like stagnant content and you will need to go back often and tweak your page.

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