How to Link Your Text to Revenue

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Pay per click ads provide the perfect way for you to make money from your website. All the text on your website is worth money to advertisers, and you don’t even have to do much to earn that money. The pay per click advertising model is simple. You get paid every time someone clicks on an ad that appears on your website. You get the ads on your website by signing up for contextual advertising through a pay per click network.

There are a number of different factors that go into how much you earn from the contextual ads on your website. The number one factor is the amount of traffic you get. If no one knows your website exists, then you’ll never get traffic, and no one can click on your ads if they never find your website.

You’ve got to incorporate keywords into your website in order to pull traffic in. You’ve also got to research your niche to make sure people are looking for the information you offer. If no one wants to know anything about the niche your website is in, then you also won’t get any traffic.

Another major factor that goes into how much money you earn from contextual ads is the method or methods of advertising you choose. Contextual advertising takes two basic forms. The traditional method was popularized by Google through its AdSense program, and the ads take the form of images or banner ads that appear on your website. The newer form of contextual ads is In Text ads. These ads show up as double-underlined links within the text on your website. A small bubble opens whenever you move your mouse cursor over them. That bubble gives just a little bit of information about the advertiser in an attempt to get your website visitor to click on the link.

Both the traditional and In Text ads have their advantages. Traditional ads give your website a polished look that helps you earn cash on the side. However, In Text ads usually have a higher click-through rate than traditional ads because the links are embedded right into the content. They’re also a quieter type of contextual ad since they don’t result in any images being placed on your website. Together, traditional and In Text contextual ads make the perfect winning team to help you maximize your website’s revenue potential.

Infolinks In Text advertising network offers a smarter contextual advertising model for publishers everywhere. The objective of the Infolinks equation is to yield the highest eCPM possible and guarantee you the highest revenue.

Surabi Patel is an active participant in the online marketing world. Surabi consults clients in applying tactics for achieving search, affiliate, media, social marketing and email channel success.

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