Bad Effects From Bad Neighbors

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There are websites who make use of ethical SEO but still don’t reach the top positions of the search engine results. The main reason why this situation happens can be chosen from the three: sandbox effect, over optimization or bad neighborhood.

If your website is still on the sandbox effect, you just have to wait for like a couple of weeks and your website will then be indexed and also if you do ethical SEO tactics. Avoid excessive keyword stuffing and overdoing SEO practices if over optimization is committed.

Google prefers the number of quality backlinks when ranking websites. Having many inbound links is way better than numerous outbound links. If you have more inbound links, your website will rank higher but if you have more outbound links and those links will point to improper websites or the so called bad neighbors, you will be banned in Google.

It is fair to penalize you by Google for having links pointing to bad neighbors even though you do all the ethical SEO methods for your website. On the other hand, Google is not capable of penalizing your website.

Signs that a Website is a Bad Neighbor

Websites are known as bad neighbors if they do content duplication, doorway pages, hidden texts and links, auto-generated web pages, misleading titles and keyword stuffing. Therefore, if you have a web page for link love, make sure to check the links if they are bad neighbors or not.

First thing you need to do when checking is to see if the website is indexed on Google is through searching the website in the search box, just type site: Ηttp:// From time to time, check your outgoing links so that you will avoid Google penalties. Clean coded websites with quality SEO always get the highest spot on the search engine results page.

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