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Designing, hosting, and managing a website can be a challenging process for those who need such a site, but have never before hosted one on the Internet. To aid in this process, making it smoother, more intuitive, and more accessible for the potential website owner, a control panel program named cPanel (based on Unix) is now offered by some web hosts as part of the hosting package. The program is written and marketed by a company of the same name.

cPanel has several different sets of controls, all of which are usable through any standard web browser. The controls included are those for resellers (who are buying the website space from a data center and re-renting it to end users), administrators, and actual website owners. The controls make modifying and administering the website far easier by automating some processes, and providing a graphical control interface that is intuitive and easy to remember, rather than command or scripting prompts.

The cPanel program supports many of the applications used in building and maintaining websites, such as MySQL, PHP, Apache, Perl, and Bind. It also incorporates e-mail functionalities like POP3, SMTP, and IMAP. There are also many add-ons which can be used to allow support of other applications for website construction and administration – although these add-ons must be purchased from the cPanel company, and are not available as free downloads as so many add-ons are.

Web hosting with cPanel gives those who are not highly skilled in website management a clear, easy, intuitive interface that makes their efforts much smoother and more successful. Speed of hosting and maintaining the website are both increased greatly by cPanel, especially since it will lessen the number of calls that need to be made to technical support. The interface includes tutorial videos for the more complex operations, as well as an on-screen help function, giving you greater independence from tech support people and saving one of your most valuable resources – time.

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