Cartoon Games and Arcade Games SEO Part 2

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Now students, today we will be talking about SEO. But not just some regular, plain, old SEO. I’m talking arcades here, and that means we gotta put a little spin on it and change things up just a bit. Isn’t that exciting! Learning new techniques are great, so let’s start.

Now as stated in the previous article, SEO for arcade sites is even more off-site based than other sites, and this is because of the lack of content in the website. You could put a footer with a description of the site and put a few keywords in it, but it honestly will not help THAT much.

Off-site SEO consists of inbound backlinks. And lots of them. I will now outline a few methods to get backlinks

1.) Dofollow Blog Commenting – A great list of dofollow blogs you can use can be found by googling it. Just remember to actually read the blogs, and make intelligent comments so that your comment is approved. Free, and an easy backlink if you actually contribute to the discussion.

2.) Write Articles – This is a bit difficult. You need to have a rather good grasp on the English Language, and some topics to write about, generally in the same niche as you, gaming, arcades, cartoon games, etc.

3.) Write an article that is outrageous, or in a niche that is crazy popular and get natural backlinks – My personal favorite because others are linking to YOU. I did this just recently with my Call of Duty Strategy site, in which I did a thorough analysis of the latest trailer that Treyarch released on Call of Duty Black Ops, and I outlined all of the speculated weapons that will be in the game. My article was featured on N4G, and because of that I gained over 2000 unique visitors in 2 days, and I gained more than a few dofollow backlinks from blogs worldwide. What a great feeling that people actually appreciate the article! Keep in mind, however, that the article was rather lengthy, and it did require research and thought process. Hard work will get you somewhere in Internet Marketing, so do it.

Damian is a talented writer, webmaster, student, gamer, and SEO master. He is proficient in writing SEO articles, playing games like Call of Duty, Civilization, and much, much more. His latest project, Cartoon Games, is an arcade site that is a leader in the niche of cartoon games.

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