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The most important part of your website is the quality of your content. Without good content you will not get the page ranking in the search engines that you need to get to be successful. And even if you do get the rankings you will not get very many sales. So your content needs to satisfy both the search engines and the human visitors.

The majority of people out there trying to earn money with their web presence are often too focused on the quantity of content rather than the quality. They will outsource the content and then spin it without taking time to ensure that it reads well and is informative.

So when you have your quality content created, you are going to need to apply some search engine optimization. What this means is you are going to modify it slightly so that it will be more attractive to the search engines and will help its rankings as a result.

1) Ensure that you have your main keyword phrase in the first four words of the title.
2) Keep the content between 300 to 700 words.
3) Make sure no paragraph is more than 3 sentences in length.
4) Do not have a keyword density of more than 6% max. That means that in a 500 word article, if your keyword phrase is made of three words (Product Name Review), then you should not repeat it more than 10 times in the entire article.
5) You should mention the main keyword once in the title, once in the opening sentence of the opening paragraph, once in the last sentence of the opening paragraph, 1-2 times in the middle paragraph, and finally once in the last paragraph

If you exercise some patience, you will be pleasantly surprised with the results by applying these simple tasks. They are fairly easy to implement, yet will pay off handsomely in the long run.

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