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With email inboxes getting slammed with more and more junk mail each and every day, many small businesses aren’t seeing email marketing as an effective way to marketing with their customers and prospects.

This couldn’t be further from the truth. Email marketing is one of the most effective and cost effective ways to communicate with your customers and prospects today. If done correctly, you can easily build a loyal following of raving fans that look forward to reading your emails and enjoy each and every email you send them.

With this email marketing how to, we’re going to give you a few easy tips to get your emails opened and keep your subscribers interested in reading your emails each time you send them.

Keep in touch with your list often

This is the biggest sin I see from most businesses using email marketing in their business. They only send an email when they want to promote a product. Think about it. What if you only talked to your friend when you wanted them to buy you dinner. Do you think that they would be your friend for long? Not likely.

You need to make it valuable to them to keep reading. And… Valuable doesn’t mean giving them a coupon on one of your products. It means communicating with them. Educate them. Share something useful that will help them in their life or business.

Ask them about their needs

Ask customers what you can help them with. It’s a simple process but most business owners don’t ever bother to ask. Surveys and even just simple “What do you think about…” questions are a great way to build a relationship with your customers.

You can find great research on what your customers want form you. Is it better customer service? How about a new product that will help them use what they already bought from you? Can you say upsell opportunity?

Just ask the question. Be more interactive and ask your customers and prospects what they want from you and more importantly, how you can help them.

Give them free stuff

Everyone loves free stuff. You can send them a link to a new educational video you did. Let’s say you’re in the gardening industry. You could do a quick 5 minute video on how to water your plants better for the the Arizona heat. Then send an email linking to the video. It didn’t take long to do and you are giving them something for free.

The kicker is that it has to be a thank you gift. No strings attached. Sending them a 10% off coupon isn’t a free gift. It’s a special to get them to buy more stuff. There is a difference.

Just using these simple tips alone will help you keep your subscribers happy to be on your list. There s nothing better than having a list of raving fans that look forward to each and every email you send them.

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