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Comparing with last decade, owning and creating a website is just like turning your palms. There are many ways to create a website such as WYSIWYG programs, manual HTML coding, or website builder from hosting providers. You can choose to use a free web hosting or premium web hosting, which need you to pay for the service. If you choose a free web hosting, the address of your website will be treated as a sub-domain of the web hosting provider site. For professional reason, a sub-domain website address is not good. If you want a good, professional website address you need to spend some money. It is okay for someone with a good and proper budget, but this is difficult for other one who has only a low budget. So what is the solution for this problem?

The solution for this problem is by using a free domain name. You can still have your website and still can manage it and having your professional address instead a sub-domain in the same time. A free domain name provider such as offers a redirecting service to redirect your address to your own website. It is easy to manage domain settings in and you can choose what method you like to choose. For your convenience, I suggest you to use “URL Forwarding”.

First thing you have to do is register an account to Then you can choose a desirable URL by clicking “Getting A New Domain”. Next thing you have to do is checking the availability of your new URL. You can know whether your domain URL is free or not. A good niche domain usually needs to purchase.

Once your URL address is ready, you can choose what type of service you want in “Domain Setting”. For redirecting choose the third service, “URL Forwarding”. Write your website URL in “Redirect To (URL)”, fill the “Page Title”, and choose “URL Hiding” in “Frame” for hiding your old URL from people who access your website. It takes about 48 hours to see the change work or not. But you can try to access your website with your new URL while the site examines your domain status.

However, there is a lack of this free domain name. This free domain name has an expired time, that is one year from the first time the URL is set. You can renew the URL by paying a cost $3 each year. It is reasonable since it is difficult to keep existing with free service, so they only offer the free service for a year. But it is still worth to try for a beginner. For those who don’t like a sub-domain URL, please feel free to try this service.

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