How to Find the Right Web Host For Your Business

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Everybody who have ever used any web hosting service probably knows how important it is to find the right web host for the business. Since is is not possible to mention single company and say that this one is better than others, online marketers need to understand what they exactly need to find the right web host. This article will explain what to look for if you need reliable business hosting.

First of all, contact your web designer and ask him which technologies will be needed to run the website. Small websites which contain 5 – 10 pages usually are coded using HTML (HTML = hypertext markup language). These websites can be run at any web hosting. However, if your web designer uses some CMS (CMS = custom management system) you will need a web host supporting the programming language in which the CMS is written. Most of these systems are written in PHP.

You will need PHP not only if your website uses CMS, but also if it has some dynamic part like contact form which sends messages to your email. PHP works very closely with MySQL. MySQL is a database where are stored the data. So if you run a PHP based website there is a big chance that you will also need MySQL support.

Especially if you run a business website it is very important that your domain can be reached most of the time. Since some web hosting companies has very poor uptime (uptime = the percentage of the time when your website is accessible to your visitors, in other words, the time when there is no problem with the servers) you should not go with the cheapest web host. Rather pay a little more and make sure that the hosting company has at least 99.5% uptime. Anything worse is not worth of your money.

You may also discover the ways how the customers can contact the technical support. Even if you are experienced webmaster you may need to contact them time from time. Every web host has its own specific PHP setting, control panel and security. It may sometimes cause problems with running your website. It may be very difficult to solve the problem alone, but with the help of the customer support it may be an easy task. Some companies offer phone support, online chat or ticketing system. The first two mentioned way can be very handy, however, it may happen that more clients use this way in the same time and you will need to wait. On the other hand, ticketing system is very easy to use and you do not need to wait for the response with phone in your hand.

To avoid situation when you buy a web hosting plan and later you will face to some problems with your website, it is highly recommended to read some reviews about the web hosting company where you are going to buy the hosting package. A lot of reviews can be found at webmaster forums. There are also specialized review websites where people can share their experience.

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