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Part 1: Planning and Filming

If your company has an ongoing requirement for video it might be economical to learn how to make your own. All you need is a video camera, some editing software and internet access and you can upload your video to YouTube, then embed it into your website.

Before you start filming your need to know the answer the following questions:

What is the video for?

Make sure you are clear about the message for your video, and that this message is shared across the company.

Who is it aimed at?

Who is the audience for your video and how do you want them to feel after they’ve viewed it? Your audience could be your customers, another department in your organisation or even your boss’ boss. What’s the best way to capture their interest from the start?

Where and how will the video be viewed?

How will your audience access your video? Will they view it on their computer, or want to see it on a mobile device?

Once you’ve sorted out these basics it’s time to get out the camera.


Your location needs to be bright and quiet. Even in spaces with lots of natural light it would be a good idea to use additional lighting – halogen if possible. If you are in a noisy location, try and get some shots of the source of the noise, so your audience understand where it’s coming from.


If you are going to interview someone, you want them to look as natural as possible. Unless your interviewee is an experienced presenter, it’s often a good idea to get someone to put questions to them and to get them into a conversation. Then your interviewee will be responding naturally and with more enthusiasm than they would speaking directly to camera lens.

Cut Aways

Make sure you also film some cut aways – images of the office, people at work, the outside of the building – all useful stuff for setting the scene.

Now you’re into post production – editing the film, adding voice over, music and graphics. Read part two of ‘Make my own video’.

Skylark Media Group also run video training courses.

Jo Haywood started working in multimedia at the BBC in 1998 on their Antiques website. Within a year she was running a team of 13 producing BBC Food, Homes, Gardening and Antiques. She spent 6 years developing learning journeys, interactive TV and databases for the BBC Lifestyle websites. In 2005 she left and started Skylark Media Group, specialising in video production for the web. She now also teaches others how to make their own videos to upload to YouTube.

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