How to Use SEO When Starting an Online Business

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is considered by many to be difficult to understand. In this article I will discuss a practical and easy approach to applying SEO to your website and improve your organic search ranking.

To start I will discuss two factors to ensure you understand the basics of SEO. Search engine optimization involves “on-page” and “off page”, SEO.

On page SEO;
You will need to have relevant keywords in your URL, in your title and heading tags. Use keywords in your internal linking structure and in anchor text links. The wording used should be your keyword or directly related. Create relevant content (more is better) on every web page and use your link structure as a road map.

By following these steps you are optimizing your website so that search engines can see your site is relevant to the search. Now that the search engines basically now your website exists you need to optimize your off page SEO to help improve your organic page ranking.

Off page SEO;
You’re off page SEO should focus on building as many backlinks to website as possible. This can be done by writing articles about your product or service using the relevant keywords and then backlink these to your site. Then submit this content to an online article directory to be published on the internet. Social networking sites are all the rage today and just about all online businesses are taking advantage of this off page SEO. Videos are also a hot market to get your links out to the masses and that is what off page SEO is all about.

These two methods of SEO are absolutely necessary if you want to have a successful online business today. Keep in mind that although it may take a little time, it is not really very difficult. Many successful online businesses outsource much of this work so that they can focus more on their customer’s needs. However it is not uncommon for smaller online businesses to tackle search engine optimization today with the use of online business software which makes the process so much easier.

There is a lot more free information on how to create traffic generation at our website for those interested in learning more. The best advice we can offer anyone who wants to be successful on the internet is to learn the skills necessary to market online.

By Thomas McCormick

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