Implementing SEO to Your Website in 5 Quick Steps

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If you have learnt about the number of benefits that SEO can provide to your business, you would surely like to start it right away. But the problem is that you might not know what to start with and how to go about the entire process. No problem!

Here are 5 quick and handy steps in which you can set your site up for SEO and ensure that you can start getting good search rankings.

Step 1: Start with the Content
The content of your site should be search engine friendly, to begin with you can have keywords added to your site content so that the on page relevance for the keywords can be increased. Also you can have various keywords added in the title and sub titles in the content. Make sure that the content is unique and also reads well to the readers. Do not compromise on grammar in an attempt to stuff a lot of keywords in the content.

Step 2: Add alt and Image Tags
Once you have your content optimized you can look at the various images and links on your site. You can add alt tags and image tags. These might not seem important as they are a part of the coding and are not always visible but they are great for the search ranks.

Step 3: Add title tags, meta tags and meta description
Then you can create unique and relevant title tags, meta tags and meta description for all pages. A lot of people make the mistake of copy-pasting the same stuff for all pages but this is something which is not good for SEO. If you can have them unique with separate keywords for all pages you can get a lot of benefits with the search engine ranking.

Step 4: Create a sitemap
A sitemap is a very important part of any website and you must ensure that you can have one created for your website as well. It indicates to the search engine, the number of pages on the site that must be indexed. There are a lot of free sitemap generators that can be of help for you.

Step 5: Add site to various Search Engines
Now, your site is internally optimized for the search engines you have to ensure that you make it available to the search engines. You can start of the SEO by adding your site to the indexing list for all major search engines so that you can start reaping the benefits.

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