Increasing Your Google Pagerank – Tips to Reach the Top

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Your Google pagerank affects every aspect of your ongoing SEO campaign. The higher your rank, the more traffic you pull in, leading to higher profits. Once you are up in the number one spot, the amount of clicks you get makes your website work for itself, leaving you more time to move onto your next endeavor.

There are a few factors that affect your Google pagerank. Anyone who has even dabbled in SEO knows the basics, but here is a quick run down:

1. The optimization of your website. This means the keyword density and the placement of the keyword phrases throughout a page and in the source code (meta tags and page titles).

2. Backlinks. Links on other domains coming back to your website are tracked by Google, and they only work for your campaign. The more backlinks coming in, the better.

3. The optimization of your backlinks. Ensuring that your backlinks are not the URL itself, but rather HTML with the keyword you are using can be a big help.

4. Traffic. The volume of traffic you receive does indeed work towards your rankings. This seems difficult because you need a high ranking to get people to come to your website, but promoting your site can and will pull people in.

5. Age. The older your website, the more likely it is that Google is going to pay attention to it. In most cases, older sites will outrank newer ones. This is especially true for aged sites that have been finely optimized.

6. The amount of pages on a website. Many SEO marketers choose to have only one page with one content article, but having more than one increases the likelihood that Google will put your site in its search results, especially if each page is optimized.

Start out with a niche that is in high demand with little competition if you are not sure about your ability to compete against the bigger websites. This will give you the chance to practice creating quality articles and content, test out promotional options, and to fine tune your ability to optimize your website.

Finding the options that will work best for your niche and your time availability can be a trial and error effort. Trying out with a middle-ground niche will allow you to see what you can do. Smaller niches do not generate as much traffic as those that are in high demand, but they can generate just as much income with the right advertising in place.

Use all of the tools at your disposal to boost your Google pagerank. This is something that is not impossible, even for the newest SEO marketer. Take advantage of effective backlinking and creating quality content to pull in traffic from both sites of the playing field.

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