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Traditionally, banners have been made of cloth of rectangular shape. The publicity text and agency name are displayed on it. In olden days, the display content used to be embroidered as applique on the base cloth. But now they are done by fabric colors.

Now banners also mean web banners. These are the graphical headers of websites generally displaying company name and logo on the top of a web page. These are mainly used for displaying advertisements on web pages.

There are several aspects of creating banners. Here is a general discussion on making banners.

Punch Line:

Punch line is the few word phrase displayed on the banner. Basically punch line is the cue for the content of website. So it must be enticing enough for users to click on banner to see the web page. Often these lines are humorous.


A good copy, obviously pertinent to the punch line, is essential. The copy should be short and crisp. The text must be simple and lucid. The end of copy can be another punch line to create a long lasting effect on the reader.


The content of the banner must be relevant to that of the purpose of the website. A website selling bird feeds need not portray photograph of skinny women in skimpy two pieces. Such photo will obviously increase number of visitor to the website but the website may lose sale or subscription.

Logo and Web Address:

Obviously, a banner for advertisement is for brand promotion. Therefore, logo of the brand and URL of address of the website that gives information in details about the brand must be put on the banner. But display of these two should not engulf the appeal of the punch line. Therefore, the logo can be put on a corner while the URL to address of the website on the brand description can accompany the logo in a very small font size.

Click Request:

The overt flash of a request on banners to click on the advertisement reportedly increases the number of visitors on the target web page. The request should be displayed at least for 5 seconds to generate a long lasting effect on user.

Size of Banner File:

Banners are generally displayed on the top of web pages. Therefore, they must come in sight of the user before the other contents of the web page. Larger banner files take longer to be uploaded. Often, they miss a chance to grab users’ attention. So the file size of banners must be kept small. That means a compromise must be made on animation and colors on banners.

Using Flash animation may be a solution with respect to size of file. But that may result in loss of visibility as user needs plug in to see Flash animation.

Time Span of Running a Banner:

Reportedly, users take 10 seconds on any animated banners. Therefore, animated banners must complete displaying its content within 10 seconds with typical call for action at the end.

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