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Yahoo! was at first the number one ranking search engine until it was dethroned by Google due to the latter having much more accurate results.

Both Google and Yahoo! use different algorithms like MSN. Knowing the differences between the algorithms use by both search engines can help you in getting better rankings.

Yahoo! Algorithm

When it comes to performing algorithms to produce search results and subsequently index the web pages, Yahoo! does pretty much the same as the other search engines. The Yahoo! spider is called Slurp whereas Google uses one called Googlebot.

Many SEO experts say that Yahoo! and Google rank websites that are contrary to each other. While Yahoo! focuses on keyword density, title, headings, URL and other On page factors, Google primarily focuses on backlinks and Off Page factors.

In terms of keyword density the two rival search engines also differ in this. The higher percentage of keyword density means you accumulate higher rankings in Yahoo! whereas for Google, the higher percentage of density is seen in the Google sandbox.

Yahoo! WebRank

Google PageRank is the same as Yahoo! WebRank, the latter emulating from the former wherein both are used to gather unspecified data and statistics done through the online tool. Many SEO pundits from differing communities say that WebRank is not a really relevant metric, but it does allow Yahoo! Slurp to analyze and read the page and eventually index it in Yahoo! Search.

It is difficult to rank a website in all three major search engines of MSN, Yahoo! and Google, so it is best that you choose which one you will prioritize and which one you will get higher rankings on. By learning to master the algorithms and tested methods of SEO experts, then improved engine ranking is possible.

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