Search Engine Ranking – The Primary Component of Any Marketing Campaign

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Increasing your search engine ranking should be your very first priority in your SEO campaign. Taking a look at the top search results in your niche may make it seem impossible to even make a dent in the larger websites that are already established, but this is not the case.

SEO marketing is an even playing field for the most part, meaning that you and every other marketer in your niche all have a chance at getting to the top. The difference between campaigns that are successful and those that fail is the amount of quality content on the main website and the amount that is spread elsewhere pointing to it.

Getting your search engine ranking to the first page takes more than creating a bare bones website with no incoming links. First, the articles and other content should be compelling and informative. Every SEO guide will tell you that it must be informative, but it also must be the right mix of friendly and professional. Your content should also read as being informative instead of promotional.

Many of those just starting out in SEO fail to create compelling content and rather pander to the keyword searching needs of Google. What they do not take into account is the fact that Google will pay attention to more than just the keywords in a website’s content.

The amount of time spent on a page will factor into Google’s favor of a website, as will the amount of repeat visitors. Links coming into the website will also play a huge part its search engine rankings.

Compelling content works for you. Instead of putting extra effort towards site promotion, you can ease off and put more towards on-site content. Readers will relate to and enjoy articles that are well-written and informative than those that are not very related to the keyword phrase. The more they enjoy it, the more likely it is that they will bookmark it for later and possibly share with others. This can create backlinks that you do not have to create yourself.

No site that is freshly made should expect much traffic, which is why they should put some focus on promotional efforts in the beginning of their campaign. Keeping the promotional content of high quality can be just as helpful to you as having quality content on your own website. Pull in and hold onto traffic on both fronts to get the best results from your marketing campaign.

A combination of both outside links and good content will get your website ahead in the search engine rankings. The algorithms for Google and other search engines are always evolving, meaning that other traffic farming techniques can become obsolete. Sticking to the basics of quality on-site content and promotion will ensure that your campaign remains strong even after the biggest algorithms change.

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