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Since the beginning of the Internet it was plain to see that commerce and marketing were set to change forever. There are very few people today that do not use the Internet when sourcing products and services. Even the smallest and most localised companies can benefit from exposure on the World Wide Web. As great as this seems it is also more difficult for companies to get noticed on the net.

When a company starts to create a web presence they are suddenly confronted with competition from all over the world. Companies that sell or supply similar services and products compete with each other for search engine (SE) ratings. Learning the basics of SEO can assist you with improving your SE ratings and thus improve your chances of gaining access to the vast market that is the Internet.

Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO, is the technology of improving the way that your website interacts with search engines like Google and Yahoo!. These search engines are more often than not the first point of departure for potential clients when trying to find products and services. A potential client will access a site like Google and Yahoo! and insert certain criteria by which the SE will explore the World Wide Web and produce a list of possible sources for what the client was looking for. SEO helps you to improve how your website interacts with search engines and in doing so will improve your rating on these search engines. A basic SEO course can turn your “back alley”website into a high tech shopping mall with millions of potential clients.

By improving your SE ratings, SEO will help your site to get noticed by more people and will, as an effect thereof, improve your chances of making a sale. When in business it is crucial to make use of any advantage that might help you to gain the edge on your competition. SEO will give you such an advantage and ensure that you make as many sales from your website as possible. You can, implementing good SEO, break into the international market and potentially be able to grow your business from asmall enterprise to large corporation. Search engine optimization will ensure that the next time someone is trying to find a product or service on the web, your website will come to their attention and that you stand a much better chance of making the sale.

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