SEO Software Reviews Comparison – Want to Know Which SEO Software Package is the Best of the Best?

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So you want to purchase SEO software. Most likely, you also want every dollar you invest to pay itself back. Not once over. But multiple times over. What is an effective way to ensure that you buy the best solution? Reading detailed SEO software reviews.

Internet Business Promoter (IBP), SEO PowerSuite, and Web CEO are the leading search engine optimization software packages in the market. All of them aim to increase your rankings and ultimately increase your online earnings. However, there are key differences. And it is best to read a couple of reviews to better understand which tool is the most appropriate to your online business. This review will assist you in doing this job.

All of these software packages help you do SEO from start to finish. Buying one product means that you should not be required to purchase the other one. Therefore, you cannot help but ask, which one of the three should you get? It is very crucial to determine which software tool is the most appropriate for your needs. After all, you do not want to be wasting time testing software, and discovering that you should have bought another package. There is also the trouble of applying for refunds and another purchase.


Purchasing one of the three will help you immensely in your business. All of these packages are effective in pushing your website up to the top ten rankings on Google. Using any one of these software applications will mean that your websites will be indexed faster, ranked higher, and visited much more.

Each of these products feature automated keyword research. You can find out the most profitable keywords in minutes. Furthermore, each product gives advice on optimizing your pages. This saves hours of work, since you would not have to manually analyse your pages. Perhaps most importantly, each package makes link building a much easier task. You can easily and swiftly get top quality back links to your sites. Another feature that is common to all products is that they allow you to track the ranking of your website over time.


You can readily figure out how similar all of these products are. Therefore, this review will go into more detail about the differences among them.

A notable difference among the three software programs is the guarantee they give. All three software applications have a 30 day money back guarantee. However, Internet Business Promoter comes with another guarantee. It also comes with a top 10 ranking guarantee. If you use IBP as instructed and do not achieve top 10 rankings within a year, you will be eligible for a refund. The vendors of IBP highlight a 98% success rate with their users. None of the other products offer such a guarantee.

Moreover, the software programs differ in terms of researching the link building strategies of competitors. SEO PowerSuite is the most powerful for this. The application recommends detailed linking strategies based on competition research. Additionally, it retrieves a lot of data for each link. Such data includes PageRank, Alexa traffic rank, domain age, and anchor text. IBP comes in second for link building research. The amount of data it gives for each link almost rivals that given by SEO PowerSuite. Web CEO is very efficient in doing link popularity analysis. However, it is not as robust as IBP and SEO PowerSuite in the area of researching links pointing to online competitors.

Another difference is the ease of use. I found IBP the most user friendly, followed by SEO PowerSuite, and then by Web CEO. IBP was the most user friendly because its interface was simple. They also conveniently have a step by step action list alongside the tools. This made learning how to use the tools much easier. SEO PowerSuite’s ease of use was strong because its interface was very intuitive. However, it was less simple than IBP. Web CEO, due to its many components, was a lot harder to navigate. You would certainly need to invest a bit more time getting used to Web CEO.

The software programs also differ in terms of pricing. All three programs offer two versions each. The more expensive versions are suited for optimizing the websites of multiple clients. Web CEO is the cheapest to buy. It costs US$199 for the SmallBiz Edition and US$389 for the Professional Edition. In contrast, IBP’s costs $249.95 for the Standard version, and $499.95 for the Business Edition. SEO PowerSuite is the most expensive. It is US$249 for the Professional Edition and US$599 for the Enterprise Edition.


On balance, Internet Business Promoter is best of the leading SEO software packages. It is relatively much easier to learn how to use. Furthermore, it comes with an additional top ten ranking guarantee. Even though it is not the cheapest SEO software on the market, you can be sure that you will be getting a lot of value from purchasing it. SEO PowerSuite and Web CEO also have their own merits, and are capable of getting your website on the first page of Google. However, if you really want to be very selective about your software, I would recommend purchasing IBP.

For more detailed SEO software reviews of IBP, SEO PowerSuite and Web CEO, click on the link. Discover which one is more suited to getting you on the first page of Google much faster than you think. Save immense amounts of time making your buying decision. After you buy, save even more time in your search engine optimization efforts. Start striving to get more targeted traffic and more sales today.

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