Some Basic Points About Search Engine Optimisation

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There are many people who think that doing SEO of their website or page to improve their ranking in the various search engines is a very skilled task which needs a lot of effort and is also very time consuming. Thus, they consider it to be beyond their capabilities.

This, however, is far from true. No doubt, handling optimisation of search engines is indeed a complex task and needs expertise to get good results. But there are many websites which can achieve high search engine rankings by applying just the basics of SEO which can be learned in 30 minutes.

Let us first begin by understanding, what is SEO? Simply put, it is the process of achieving high search rankings by using the most relevant terms used in it. These terms are more often the phrases which visitors types in the search bars to look for websites which offer those services. Thus, the basic point that you need to keep in mind when doing optimisation for these engines is to choose the right and most suitable term which the visitors are most likely to use. Next, mention one or two such terms on every page of your website.

It is important to have at least one search term per page, which is also preferable. But using two such terms is not considered to be bad either. If your website has pages which are very large in size, you can split them into smaller pages. Thus, you can target to different search terms for each of these pages. Adding the right search term to each page is not enough. You must also ensure that the search terms also match the page’s content.

Apart from the search terms which are used by the search engines, some other important basics of SEO are:

  1. Web sites Link structure
  2. Off Page Elements
  3. On page elements

Thus, this is what you do to achieve good ranking in search engines:

  1. Select the right term for search
  2. Allocate one single term to each page of your site. It should match the page content.
  3. Get the internal links in place and in a way that it suits the pages and its target search term

Taking care of all the above mentioned points will ensure that your web site enjoys good ranking in the search engine.

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