The Importance of Cousin Keywords

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Although almost everybody knows what a keyword is, far fewer people have ever heard the term “cousin keyword.” Cousin keywords are simply keywords with a relationship to the site main keyword (KW), but are usually less competitive. These keywords lack the amount of traffic obtained by the primary keyword and so have less income potential. However, they are beneficial because of less difficulty in achieving a high ranking for them. The cousins can be used to generate traffic to a website more quickly than if the main keyword of the primary site is the entire focus.

A good example of how cousins work is to study the example of a blog using AdSense. After careful research has been done, it is apparent that the possible earning from a top ranked site for the blog’s primary KW is approximately $250 monthly. Competition for the term is found to be primarily occupied by pagerank (PR) 2 and 3 sites. With patience, it is possible to outrank most of these competitors, but it will not be done quickly.

It is estimated that to rank #1 for the site main KW will take about 6 months or even as long as a year. Because of the long time frame, a strategy is established to earn immediate income by constructing a site focused on the precise phrase first. Next, terms close to the main KW are identified and researched. Research shows that term “cousin KW1” can potentially earn approximately $50 a month.

Although the earning potential for that cousin KW is not high, it is advantageous to pursue because it can probably be ranked for fairly quickly. In addition, the earning potential can be increased by identifying and using a few other cousin keywords. With careful planning and placement, the entire project appears likely to be profitable.

The method to attain profitably is not complicated. The first step is to write an article about the site main keyword. This article is submitted and backlinks are acquired to the home page and the first article from link exchanges, article directory submissions, and other such avenues. A second article is written and posted with the topic “cousin KW 1.” Links are built to it just like the first article. Once that step is done another article is generated about the “site main keyword.” Included in this article are references to “cousin KW1” with a link to that article.

This procedure continues with more cousin keywords and the main keyword, alternating between the main KW and the cousins, until all of the cousins are used. At this point, it is easy to check your stats and see how your cousins are doing – adding additional articles and backlinks as needed.

The strategy discussed in this article is a great way to earn some income from your site before you ever start to rank for your main keyword, and can be a great tool for staying motivated during the early, “awkward” stages of site creation and promotion. I have had great success by following these procedures. I hope you will achieve equally good results using this strategy for your sites.

Proper keyword usage can be a tough concept to master, but is an extremely important factor for a successful website. To learn more about cousin keywords, check out the Internet Business Guide.

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