The Importance of Meta Tags in SEO

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A Meta tag is basically an HTML tag, whose job is to furnish data to search engines (SE) regarding the kind of information present on the webpage. The purpose of a Meta tag is to add information and steer the SE spiders. Meta tags are an important tool to search engine optimize (SEO) a website. However, the magnitude of the role Meta tags will play in improving the ranking of your website depends on the se you are targeting.

Since these tags play an important role in determining search engine rankings of your website, you should be very careful in selecting the appropriate keywords for Meta tags. It is important to use them in your title. SEs go through the text body and the title of the content, and the information there is given more importance than any tag. Thus, make sure that the body of your articles has relevant content.

A Meta tag has 3 different attributes all of which play an important role in determining the search engine ranking of a webpage:

1. Content: The purpose of the content is to provide information in name/value pair.

2. Name: This is one-half of the “name/value pair”. The name could be a keyword, author, copyright, robot or description.

3. Http Equiv: This is also the name in the “name/value” pair attributes. However, the server uses it on the MIME document header before the web browser sends the real HTML document. Commonly used http equiv. includes charset, expires and refresh.

The description and keyword tags play a very important role in SEO of your website using Meta tags. The description tag describes your page to the search engine spiders. The content of description tag is used while displaying a list of websites. The keywords help in easy identification of the page by SE spiders. Since most search engines have limitations on the number of Meta keywords they can view, you should try to make your keywords as exact and concise as possible.

The Meta keyword and description tags were introduced to make using the web easier. However, webmasters have abused these tags to such an extent that, most SEs today have de-emphasized the importance of Meta tags in ranking. Good tags can ensure effective search engine optimization for a website to an extent. For best results, you should use them with other marketing strategies and not in isolation. takes pride in offering a range of competitively priced web hosting services, including domain and email hosting. This Web host service provides Search Engine Optimizing solutions for your website. Know more about the company’s services by visiting or calling 1-866-289-5091.

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