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Who would’ve thought just 10 years ago that the Internet would grow into the massive beast that it is today, reaching into nearly every corner of society the world over? It has continued to influence society in ways we don’t even understand yet, but one thing’s for sure…

It’s a great way to make a lot of money, fairly quickly!

In this article today I want to talk about what I consider the most important Internet marketing Tip for anybody who’s just getting started with Internet marketing in any capacity.

I’ve been making my total living online for nearly 15 years. When I first got started the Internet was very new and it was very very difficult to find any kind of information on Internet marketing. There really wasn’t such a thing AS Internet marketing when I first got started; we were really just making it up as we went along.

The exact opposite is the case today. There is so much information out there on how to get started in Internet marketing and how to be successful with it that many people who are just getting started often find it very difficult to wade through all that information. They get overloaded and don’t know where to start.

Before you know it, a year has gone by and they still aren’t really making any money because they’re still reading forum postings and e-books telling them how to do it!

I’d like to cut through all of that nonsense today and give you one thing to focus on, and one thing only. The most important thing in Internet marketing are your e-mail lists.

I’ll say that again because it’s very important… the most important thing in Internet marketing is your e-mail list. If you build a high quality list, you can market to that list over and over for years to come, making substantial buckets of money in the process.

Just about every guru out there will tell you that you need a list or that “the money is in the list” but none of them put the amount of emphasis on it that I feel it requires. It shouldn’t be just an item on your list to check off, it should be the most important part of your entire marketing strategy.

When it comes to e-mail marketing, the most important thing is quality, not quantity. A list of 500 subscribers that are highly targeted and very interested in your specific area is much more important and valuable than a list of 50,000 people who aren’t really interested all that much.

So the first year or two online you should spend most of your time building a quality e-mail list and growing that list through constant contact, giving them valuable free information and building trust so that they don’t automatically delete your e-mails as soon as you send them. If you only focus on one thing, make sure it is e-mail marketing.

J.P. Morton runs a Delonghi Espresso Machine web site where he also explains how to choose an espresso machine. He has been an article writer online for well over 13 years and also enjoys boating and fishing.

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