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More and more people are beginning to create their own blogs or websites. People want a place to store their photos, videos, and information. As the internet gains popularity in contemporary society, this is only expected to happen. Some people choose to do all of this content management through free websites such as social networking websites. There are others however that want to specifically host their things and are control and or security freaks, and for these people personal hosting is the best answer.

If you are someone who not only wants privacy but also likes to be in total control of what content you store, personal web hosting may be for you. Web hosting allows for a variety of things to be done on your account online and helps make your internet experience much better. Hosting is also extremely cheap, and as this market grows in size the competition is becoming greater and more and more companies are beginning to compete to offer the safest, cheapest, and highest quality web hosting.

In this article I will list five companies that offer web hosting to the public that are considered by the vast majority of users to be among the top five on the internet. This is not an advertisement, but merely an informative post to explain what users like the most. If you are looking for web hosting you may find this list very useful! I will list these five websites from most expensive per month to cheapest per month. The prices listed are quite obviously subject to change and these are the starting prices for each hosting company, prices can change throughout.

DreamHost (starting at 8.95 per month) is known to offer quality hosting at great prices.

BlueHost (starting at 6.95 per month) is best known for the huge amount of diverse services it includes in its hosting.

HostGator (starting 4.95 per month) a very popular web host among users, with a simplified user interface and known affordable and quality hosting.

1&1 (starting 3.99 per month) quality hosting, good prices, see website for details.

NearlyFreeSpeach (starting at 0.25 per month) obviously known for ridiculously low prices, give this web host a look if you are looking for the cheapest hosting possible.

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