Using Images and Video to Increase Sales – Two Key Points to Impress Website Visitors

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Images and video grab a website visitor’s attention much quicker than text. In fact, most people do not read the text on a website. Most website visitors skim the text of a web page.

A picture is worth a thousand words, or at least that is how the saying goes. A video must be worth a million words, or at least that is what the same logic would dictate. The question is – when it comes to the Internet is this true? The answer is a resounding YES!!!

It is important to really highlight key points when designing your page.

1) Using Images Effectively:

Images, when used properly, can be highly effective. You want to use images that immediately capture the attention of your website visitors. The placement of the images on the page, the size of the images and even the colors of the images all play an important role in how effective they will be.

An image near the top of the page will always have a greater impact than images lower on the page. Also, the right-side of the page tends to be more effective than the left-side of the page.

When choosing your images keep your target market in mind. If your images will have people, make sure the people reflect your target market. Review all pictures carefully before choosing one. Make sure the images do not contain anything someone may find offensive. Also, make sure the images do not show any competing products.

Images should capture attention and help focus attention. Images should never fully replace content. It is important to have the right content along with the images you choose.

2) Using Video Effectively:

Video has quickly become the medium of choice for marketers. Consumers love video elements on a website. A short video can convey a great deal of information quickly and effectively. Videos are easily integrated into most websites.

When using video you want to first decide if you are creating the video or you are using a pre-existing video. If you are using a pre-existing video you should make sure that the video is not also displayed on competitors’ websites. This could confuse your potential customers.
If you are using a pre-existing video it is important to make sure you have the proper permissions/licensing to do so.

Making your own video is likely your best option. When you make your own video you are in complete control of the content. This is important because you want a video that speaks directly to your target market and provides them with the information they need quickly and effectively.

Make sure everyone in the video speaks clearly and looks professional. You want to build consumer confidence and loyalty. The video should include relevant information. It is also important that your video is relatively short. Most video clips are under 1 minute in length.

Here are some ways video can be effectively used:

• Client testimonials
• Product demonstrations
• FAQs
• Company profiles
• Service explanations

Videos can be hosted on a website like YouTube or you can have the videos hosted on your own server. Though YouTube hosting is completely acceptable, hosting videos on your own server is a little more professional looking.

Go ahead and wow your website visitors with great images and video. Using them effectively can increase consumer confidence and loyalty.

Paul is an accounting professional with 21 years of growing & developing experience. He has expanded his career as an internet marketer, and his goal is to help average people learn how to have & run their own internet home business by implementing powerful marketing tactics. To learn more about Paul & follow his activities online, feel free to visit: Huge Profits From Home.

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