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Have you noticed how more and more Internet videos are finding their way onto prime time television news shows? It is nearly impossible to watch the nightly news without seeing such a video.

These are called “viral videos” and usually they arrive on national TV because they were interesting enough to be passed around on the Internet. Several top websites carry and rank these videos daily based on viewer popularity. YouTube is one of them.

Viral videos can also be a force in marketing. Consider the Arm Blanket, a simple product consisting of a blanket with two sleeves. The owner puts their arms in the sleeves and “wears” the blanket.

After only a few months in existence, the inventor of this product realized millions of dollars in sales, and this popularity was largely due to viral videos that showed people “wearing” the blanket in different venues.

Before the advent of the Internet and viral videos, to launch such a product might have been very costly and so difficult that it may have failed. But many videos made by the owners of the blanket were passed around on the Internet and served to fuel the remarkable sales of these products. Companies exist that can help you use this new exciting form of marketing.

How is this different than traditional TV advertising?

First of all, distributing the video is free, and that is a very big difference. Second, if you are able to produce a catchy video about your product or service that goes viral on the Internet, you can end up with priceless exposure that translates to millions of dollars in profit.

This is not possible with traditional broadcasting means where every minute is sold at a high price.

This “democratization” of advertising is a relatively new phenomenon and appeared with the advent of the Internet, and possibly will not be available in the future.

Certainly, the large network broadcasters are pounding their heads against the wall trying to figure out how to take control of it and harness it. Until they figure out a way to do this you can-and should-take advantage of this marketing method.

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