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Search engine optimization (SEO) is key to ensuring you get the organic and targeted search traffic you need to your site. Website owners often ignore the obvious ways of optimizing their site using a few methods. You can do the technical stuff but it is still content which is the deciding factor in keeping visitors.

1 Keywords. People will search for information and products in your topic area in the search engines, so give them the best chance of finding your website first. Do keyword analysis to find out exactly what words and phrases people are using in their search. Use a keyword search tool to do that.

Put your primary keyword in your title, description and meta tags. Then make sure you’re using your keywords in the content of the site. If you use a variety of keywords throughout your site which are relevant then there’s more chance of being shown in search results.

2 Links. Preferably have as many one-way inbound links as possible. However, you could work with others to swap reciprocal links so that you both benefit. Nevertheless, have a strategy of getting backlinks from high authority sites so that your Page Rank will increase and thus rise in the search rankings.

3 Content. This is vital to attracting search engines and as a means to link to, from other places where you place content. People basically search for information, if they’re not searching for particular products. When you can provide the detail and range of content they’re looking for you get repeat visitors. But their first contact will be through search engines because of the quality of keyworded content you provide. Try to provide your own content so that you’re not dependent on others contributing but you can give your own tone and branding to the site.

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