How to Write Pay Per Click Ads That Get People to Click

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Writing advertisements on Google can be challenging for most but it does not have to be if you learn some basic elements of how to structure your ads correctly.

The purpose of this article is to convey that if a marketer wants to have higher CTRs he must structure his ads that are congruent to Google AdWords platform and use split testing.

The core elements to any ad for PPC is the headline which contains only 25 characters, the description line #1 which consist of 35 character, the description line #2 which contains 35 character and the display URL which consist of 35 characters. As you can see, the amount of text is very limited, so it is imperative that as a marketer you are concise and accurate at all times.

Google requires that the marketer top-level domain name must be present in the display URL. In the display URL, is where the marketer will put his tracking codes. Moreover, the display URL is what the customer will see first. It is equally important to put the key words into your headline of your ad.

As a marketer, you should want to write an ad that is compelling. A compelling ad is one that gets customers attention. Using the keywords that a costumer uses to search for a particular product or service, will naturally grab the customer attention. The “relevancy” of the ad compels the customer to click on the site.

Split testing is a strategy where the marketer tests the strength of an ad ability to compel the customers to click on the ad. It is the first part of what is known as the sales funnel. It is recommended that a marketer uses several different types of ads, written with a variety of keywords to determine the ad(s) strength.

Tips for Your AD
Put your keywords into your Headlines
Group like Keywords together
Use a strong call to Action( Tell the consumer what you want them to do)
Include special price discounts
Provide an unique USP
Focus your ad on the search queries
Focus on seeking to answer search queries through your ad layout

Examples of some Ads:
Why Struggle?
Money Equals Freedom.
Education Equals Money.

Ready For Change?
The Internet Is A Gold Rush.
Learn How To Mine It.

Google wants the marketer to direct the user to the website page that is most “relevant “to the user. By having a very specific destination URL, you as a marketer, can direct customers to the page on your site that is most relevant to the product or service in the ad.

Google is most concern with what is called CTR. Click through Rate(s) is the most important measure that Google has to analyze the success of an ad. The CTR is a barometer that a marketer can also use to judge his success or failure rate of his ad.

The CTR is represented as a percentage of clicks an ad receives per impression.
An impression is the number of times an ad is loaded and the number of times it is click upon is the rate. The higher the CTR the better off the marketer is and the more money he will make.

Continuously low CTR(s) cost the marketer more money in the long run. Google will continue to allow a marketer with a low CTR to advertise, however, the cost for those click would become gradually more expensive compared to a marketer with the same product but a higher CTR.

Either way Google will always make money from the marketer. The marketer job is to continue to advertise with the lowest cost per click as possible.

The marketer with the higher CTR will always have prime position on the internet. The ‘Hot Zone” as mentioned by marketers, is a position of the page that is top left side of the web page were all the action is. The reason that this position is so desirable is based on how we in the U.S. have been conditioned to read.

Quality scores are becoming very interesting measurements that most marketers have over looked in the past but not anymore. Google want to deliver excellent experience to the user.

Therefore, Google will again make a marketer with a poor quality score pay more for their clicks. “The quality score is calculated by historical click-through rates, relevance of an advertiser’s ad text and keywords, an advertiser’s account history, and other relevance factors as determined by Google.”

Writing compelling ads is an art that can be learned. The ability to sell through print is an honorable and lucrative skill.

There are many books written and courses offered on line that will dramatically improve your copy writing skills.

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