Keywords Vs Keyphrases – The Secret to Higher Page Ranking

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If you have an interest in search engine optimization then you would understand the importance of keyword research. It really is the building blocks of a successful SEO campaign – and could definitely result in poor results if the keyword research is not done correctly.

One of the most important distinctions that you need to know to start with is the difference between ‘keywords’ and ‘key phrases’. Obviously keyword optimization is in reference to the optimization of a single word (such as ‘cars’ or ‘insurance’), whereas key phrase optimization is when you target a multi-word phrase (such as ‘blue sports car’ or ‘mortgage insurance for house buyers’).

The problem with optimizing your website pages to single keywords is that they are highly competitive and will be extremely difficult for you to rank on the search engines for. And also, the traffic that you would receive would not be very targeted.

This is why the majority of SEO services are aimed towards key phrases, and here is why:

1. Much Easier To Rank For
If you a keyword research program than you would already know that the competition is so much more for keywords as opposed to key phrases. This is because there could be hundreds of key phrases that that are all formed from one base keyword – meaning that keyword has the combined competition of all those key phrases combined!

This means that it is much easier to rank well for phrases as opposed to keywords. However the main trade off is that obviously there would be more people searching for keywords then key phrases.

2. More Targeted Traffic
Not everyone searching for a single keyword would be interested in your website. If you are a lawyer that specializes in tax law then every person that searches a search engine for ‘lawyer’ would not be interested in your services.

They could be searching for a criminal lawyer, or even a lawyer on the opposite side of the country – and by targeting this keyword you are going to be investing a lot of money for something that will not have a fantastic return in your situation.

A better method is to target your phrases to your situation so while the traffic will be less – the quality will be much higher. So if you you are a tax lawyer from Florida – it may be beneficial to target the phrase ‘ Florida tax lawyer’.

By targeting the right key phrases you really make affordable SEO possible. however, if this seems a little to difficult for you then consider hiring an SEO services company.

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