Search Engine Optimization – 5 More Tips

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There are so many different aspects to Search Engine Optimization from the technical stuff, to content, to words. Here are some more common aspects.

1 Blog in folder. Have a blog attached to your main site. Put it into a folder like this: which will allow the links and traffic you get to the blog to be associated with your main site. If you put it as a sub-domain as in:, the blog will be seen as a separate website by Google(TM).

2 Sane URLs. You have seen them, haven’t you? URLs which look as if they’re maths from a space probe mission. For example, This is made up but I’m sure there are far more complicated ones to be easily found. Instead of all that use a redirect system or somehow convert to a plain URL.

3 Anchor your images. Give your images an ALT text so search engines can read them easier and you’ll get better ranking for doing so.

4 Keywords. You need to do a full keyword research for your website to ensure you know what you’re aiming at in developing content. If not, you may end up writing and producing lots of material but none of it relevant to what you’re trying to achieve and not relevant to the people you’re trying to reach. Then, this will affect your traffic and opt-in list. Try to use the best tools you can afford so you’re drilling down into your market and seeing it from different perspectives.

5 Backlinks weakened. If you have two pages with the same content on them, such as http and a www pages, then backlinks could end up on either of them So, besides duplicate content, you’ll have weakened your linking power.

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