Search Engine Optimization – 5 Tips

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There are many elements to this but here are some which need careful consideration and which many sites don’t make use of.

1 Backlinks. Even with all the information around about backlinks it still seems that websites are missing out. Google(TM) uses backlinks to assess what level of authority your site has. So the more authority backlinks you have the more likely that you will gain in authority. The trouble is many websites have very few of these links or none at all. Plus, those they have tend to be not the best. Maybe it’s because it can take quite a bit of work to find and use them that there’s such a poor response.

2 Shallow site. Keep your website shallow or thin in terms of its depth. For example, you might have just two levels of sub-categories. That means that from your home page a visitor should be able to reach any other page in about three clicks.

3 Title tag. Use your title tag. Put your top keyword in it so that Google can see its relevance. Don’t bother with words like “and”, “so”, “it” and so on. Keep it relevant with only the most needed words. Put a pipe: | between key terms.

4 Use Keywords. For each page use a keyword you want it to be found for. Put the keyword in the URL, title, and heading. Also, put it in the beginning of your content, the middle and the end. However, make sure you don’t overdo it as you don’t want to be seen as spamming.

5 Duplicate content on site. You don’t want to have the same content repeated on your website. This will be seen as duplicate content. So make sure you haven’t got what you thought were separate pages with different URLs but they have the same material on them. Different URLs, including having an index page, makes no difference.

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