SEM Strategies – 3 Search Engine Marketing Methods to Increase Traffic to Your Website

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SEM stategies are the marketing efforts conducted online, focused to increase traffic to your website and a higher sales conversion. You can see it as an overall term which encompasses Search Engine Optimisation, Banner advertising, Pay Per Click, Article and Video marketing, etc…. So, in a nutshell, it are all those online activities you do to brand, market and promote your business, product or service. Let’s take a closer look at my personal top 3.

SEM Strategies – 3 Search Engine Marketing Strategies to Increase Traffic To Your Website

1. Keyword Research and Analysis
This is where it all begins. It is the foundation of online marketing. You need to find good business related keywords and associated long tail keyword phrases that you can include in your campaigns. What’s a keyword? Well, it’s a bit like a problem statement. Say for instance you wish to build a pond in your garden, then you could possibly type into the search engines, like Google or Yahoo, the phrase ‘How to build a pond in my garden’. Google will now search the internet for everything that could possibly give you an answer to that question and will present you with a search result page. If you happen to own a gardening business, running a campaign on this particular keyword phrase and you have implemented it effectively, the chances are you are ranked in the top 10 of the search results. People now, will click on that link because you are providing them with an answer to their problem statement. You can understand how keyword research and analysis is a great strategy to increase traffic to your website.

2. PPC or Pay Per Click Advertising
Number 2 in my personal list of SEM strategies would have to be PPC. It’s a great advertising method to really target your market audience because PPC allows you the options to display your ad to geo graphically based listings, like city, region, country or language. PPC is a paid marketing method but well worth it. Be cautious though, because if you do not understand keyword research do not get into Pay Per Click.

3. Video Marketing
This is one of the free search engine marketing strategies and it’s extremely powerful. Google absolutely loves video, and, guess what, so do people. We love to watch something instead of having to read something, especially after a hard day at work. So what do you do? Start producing short videos and use the business related keywords in the title, description and tags. Once you are ready you can post it to a video site like YouTube. Video marketing is a great marketing method to drive more visitors to your website.

Online marketing is not easy, but it is so simple to apprehend! Click SEM Strategies and learn more about search engine marketing, and all the methods that encompass this strategy such as article writing, video production, keyword research and analysis, banner advertising, pay per click and much much more!

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