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Does SEO get you dazed and confused? You’ll want to print this list and use it regularly.

If you are one of those people, like so many others, that kill themselves mastering an element of SEO only to learn that there’s 10 more elements of SEO you need to master or that other one won’t make a difference? It’s the most frustrating thing about SEO, how deep it goes. Well, if you’re a geek like me it’s not frustrating, but if you have a life and a business to run… it sure can be. This article explains the problems and the solutions you need to simply solve major SEO problems on any given page of your site…

Most SEO Articles are too ambitious in teaching you all there is to know about SEO. And that’s overwhelming to some people! This article, however, will give you a simple list of things to do for each page you are optimizing. You might want to print this list and use it every time you optimize any given web page of your site.

Open your page in an HTML viewer so that you can see the code… or use a text editor like Notepad++. Start at the top of the page and go to the bottom doing these simple things along the way:

1. Do you have your Keyword Phrase? (Only do one… two phrases at the most for any given web page)

2. Title Tags: Only put the keywords or keyword phrases you are optimizing here, and put them at the beginning of the title. Keep it to less than 70 characters typed. Your company name is not important unless it contains the keywords you are optimizing.

3. Meta Description: In your code, it looks like this [meta name=”Description” content=”Dog Collars. Cat Collars. We have the best dog collars anywhere..”] Keep this to a couple of lines and use words that will SELL your product or service effectively. Decorative speech is irrelevant unless it sells your product or services. Put the keywords at the beginning of the description.

4. Meta Keywords:In your code, it looks like this [meta name=”Keywords” content=”Dog Collars, Cat Collars, Dog Food..”] Keep this to under 200 characters, tops… and use only keyword search phrases that you KNOW are being searched a lot… don’t just guess, look up the keywords with Google’s free Keyword tool. Put the keywords at the beginning of the Keywords meta tags.

5. Heading Tags Dog Collars for Big Dogs Get your keyword phrase at the front of the heading and put the heading as high on the page as you can in the page’s code… we want the search engine’s to find this easily.

6. Heading 2 tags We love to sell Dog Collars If there’s an opportunity to use a heading 2 tag – you can insert the keyword phrase here, too – It doesn’t have to be at the beginning of the tag

7. Alt Tags:In your code, it looks like this [img alt=”DOG COLLARS” src=”IMAGES/DOGCOLLAR.JPG” /] If you have images on the page, be sure to put the keywords in the “alt” attribute. Search engine’s can’t see the pictures, so you have to tell them what the picture is of… regardless of the pictures, you MUST put your keywords in at least one or two of the alt attributes… do this to the first one or two alt tags that appear on the page. Don’t put your keyword phrase in more than two alt tags.

8. Content: Somewhere in your content, you must put your keyword phrases or the SE’s will think that your page really isn’t about what you’re saying it’s about in all the other SEO hot spots. Put the phrase in about once every paragraph or so. Try to make it so that the keyword use is about 3 to 5% of the total viewable content on the page.

9. Bolding: – Surrounding the keyword with the proper code will make it bold, telling the SE’s that there is relevance to the bolded words. Only do this once per set of keywords.

10. Footer: At the end of the page… as the very last words that will appear on the web page, put your Keyword phrase or phrases (no more than two). This emphasizes to the crawlers that the entire page has relevance to the search phrase.

That’s it.

About the Author: Alan Currens is a writer for the up and coming SEO company, EverDream Web, a Colorado SEO Company. Alan specializes in learning the latest trends by combing through the latest resources, articles and blogs on the subject of SEO. Staying on top of this trend is tricky and time consuming and it’s what Alan has dedicated his career to doing. In rising to the top of the Denver SEO companies, EverDream Web has led medium to large businesses to the top of the rankings and to the upper crust of Alexa.

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