Three Keys to Improving Your SEO

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t is well known that the most targeted traffic you can get is what comes to you from search engines.

Understanding the keys to improving your SEO will go a long way to getting more targeted audience.

If your site is ranked high enough (on the first page) of the search results, this is a coveted place and happily is also one within reach.

With attention to just three key areas, your site can rank in these first few results, getting you more page views and highly targeted prospects.

1) Using Keywords

Doing a bit of thinking ahead of time on keywords will take you a long way toward having an optimized search engine friendly website.

When you come up with the phrases you are going to use, use them in your post title, at least once in the first paragraph or two, and at least one or two more times in the body of your article, depending on the length.

Be careful not to overpopulate your post with the primary keyword phrase, but do use related keywords throughout the post. You can even use them in alternate text behind images. and in link text.

Use the long tail keywords in favor of short ones for a couple of reasons. The short phrases might seem more desirable but if you notice there are extremely high numbers of results for those phrases.

And the leads you get from the short phrases will not be as targeted as those you will get using the longer ones, but more importantly you’ll have a better chance of reaching the first page due to a smaller number of results with the long-tail phrases.

Use keyword tools like the Google Wonder Wheel to do your keyword research will help you in coming up with relevant keywords.

2) BackLinks and RSS feeds

When your readers elect to link to your posts from their websites, or share links through other social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, etc, this creates backlinks to your page.

This gives it a higher ranking in the eyes of search engines. Likewise, when someone subscribes to your RSS feed, this also enhances your SEO in the same way.

Having people add your posts to Social Bookmarking sites is also beneficial to your SEO. But there are multiple aspects of this, one of which is the building of backlinks, and the other is that once you have accumulated votes on these sites, it gives your page even more visibility there, also enhancing your traffic, again bumping your SEO.

This is why your use of social networking can have such a powerful impact on your SEO. The value you provide can propel itself forward into others’ networks by way of content syndication.

Commenting on others blogs is another way to create backlinks to your content. It not only creates backlinks but can actually drive traffic to your site, particularly from ones that get high traffic themselves. Be sure to make the comments meaningful and do not spam, or you may be blocked!

As an aside here, building links within your site is also helpful to your SEO. Creating links to other posts within your site forces the search engines to crawl deeper within your site.

3) WordPress Plugins

Using blogs over static web pages, especially WordPress blogs, provides a huge benefit for SEO. This is due to the inherent capabilities within WordPress to enhance SEO. Not only that, the use of certain plug-ins can be very effective at increasing your SEO.

In particular, these plugins are recommended for building your SEO and increasing your Alexa rank (which Google uses amongst other criteria to rank your page).

1. All-in One SEO Pack optimizes your blog for SEO in a variety of ways.

2. Google XML Sitemaps makes it easier for the search engine crawlers to assess your site, increasing your rank.

3. Yet Another Related Posts Plugin lists related posts from within your blog under the current one, keeping your readers on your site for longer, thereby increasing your SEO.

And to be sure, having Akismet on your site is the one more important things you can do to protect your site from malicious spammers that can acutally damage your SEO.

Additionally, WordPress Automatic Backup is essential to keep your data backed up so that you never lose it.

As your site gains more exposure, your page rank will increase, and you’ll find that using all of these tools will have a cumulative effect your SEO efforts, so be sure to use Google Analytics with the associated WP plugin so that you can watch your improvements as they happen!

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