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You must begin by realizing your content quality rests upon your passion for blogging. SEO run on poor content could never get you to the top of the world of blogging. But good content can be enhanced by the use of proper SEO. This is important to understand before we begin because some have been misled into thinking that blogging is income that is completely passive. You must make an effort to deliver quality for your readers each time you write a blog article.

If you look at my own experience it may help you simulate those principles on your own blog. I have added numerous blogs even though I may have disagreed with some of their authors. They had quality to offer, and therefore I felt it would be worthwhile to add them to my RSS-feed. But I also realize I have removed blogs from that feed when their quality fell. Some of the big bloggers rely heavily upon new visitors because they are unable to write real quality content. Let that be the first lesson before SEO.

Secondly, design isn’t anyway nearly as important as some blog template resellers want you to believe. I don’t care about which template a blogger uses as long as I can read prime quality articles. It would be misguided to trust a template to convert your visitors into readers – but writing valuable information for people to read can.

Important keys to good SEO

  • Titles – and permalinks
  • Keeping WordPress updated when you host the software yourself
  • The proper use of tags
  • Using categories to your own advantage

Titles and Permalinks

There is an important rule in SEO that file names are important – as are indeed titles. Your blog should have a good title and a good short description. These can enhance your overall score. But likewise, the initial setting of WordPress works against you. You would normally have a code similar to /?p=number appended on your address line. That can be enhanced by adjusting your Settings and Permalinks setting so it reflects the title of your article, and will work wonders for your score in search engines.

Keeping WordPress Updated

When you log onto your WordPress dashboard you will see that you’re told what version of WordPress you are using. When a new version is released this will be the place you can see that a new version has been released. You can then download from WordPress and unpack it and upload it to your blog directory so your files are updated.

Updated software is important for several reasons:

  1. Security issues are fixed in new versions
  2. You avoid data loss from bugs corrected in new versions by staying up to date
  3. You avoid hacking of your blog when you update regularly
  4. New versions offer new tools and options, and can therefore help you without needing extra plugins.

Furthermore, you should consider that you get lots of new files in your blog directory when you update. Time stamps on these files can also work to your advantage.

The Proper Use of Tags

Using tags that help users find the topics of your articles also help search engines with indexing, and should be done when relevant to the key words of your article. Don’t overdo tagging, but you can add a couple of key words to your articles as tags to help your overall SEO score.

Using Categories to Your Own Advantage

Categories, just as tag clouds, help people find articles that are relevant to the subject they are searching for. You will want enough categories for each of them to show relevant material, but overdoing categories could work to your disadvantage. Consider categories in the right way to help your readers – and search engines will enjoy them too.

In Conclusion

These were just a couple of tools to help enhance the SEO score for your blog. Get to work with these, and you will quickly see a difference in the results you achieve when you write new articles.

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