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Keywords are arguably the main thing to factor in when creating SEO content, or when one wishes to start and manage a Pay Per Click Marketing Campaign since any successful SEO campaign is only as good as the choice of keywords. To utilize SEO content, you might want to check out some of the leading keyword research tools.

WordTracker – one is able to do a tangential search using the WordTracker tool to make comparisons between keywords and the competitive pages. The data is got from MetaCrawler and Dogpile, thus giving you an alternative from just Google database. While this tool isn’t for free as it would need one to subscribe, it offers a free keyword suggestion tool that can be easily added on browsers such as Internet Explorer 7 and or Firefox 2 or 3.

Google Insights for Search – this is equally a free tool that will help make comparison on the search results against the volume statistics from the keywords niche variables like time ranges, locations, and of course search terms

Google AdWords’ Keyword Tool – Google’s famous PPC advertising program – AdWords, is always accompanied by a keyword research tool that helps not only generate keywords ideas but also the search volume statistics.

Google Search-Based Keyword Tool – this free tool is meant to appendage AdWords and utilizes Google Search queries to help match the keywords with methodical data

Keyword Discovery by Trellian – this is a paid subscription fee, although it also comes accompanied by a free Search Term Suggestion Tool which one can use to generate up to a hundred keyword suggestions. Using this tool, one is able to generate keyword statistics from all leading search engines today. It has proven to be quite effective particularly in figuring out the popular keywords for your specific service or product. Further, the tool will help one compare the keywords and keyphrases that drive huge traffic towards your opponent’s websites.

SEMRush – with this tool, you’ll be able to analyze your opponent’s Google Keyword search results. With the tool’s free version, you get up to 10 listings per each query with 20 results in a day. The paid version provides an unlimited access giving you more queries and of course with more results, not forgetting more report options.

Getting the right keywords is a crucial aspect of a fruitful SEO campaign for any online company. However, you should keep in mind that no matter how appropriate the keywords are, if they are used out of context or in a repetitive manner, they’ll be useless. When all is said and done, the above mentioned keyword research tools have proven to be very effective in generating keywords.

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