PPC Campaigns For Affiliate Newbies

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Many novice affiliates would bump into many unfamiliar terminologies. One of which is the famous PPC. If you have no idea what it means to “run a PPC campaign”, “tweak keywords” and “optimize to get better results”, then read on!

Let’s start from the very basic and clear off the mystery mist.

What is PPC Campaign?

PPC stands for Pay Per Click and such campaigns refer to online advertising option, in which advertisers pay their publishers when their ad/link is clicked on. The advertising programs that allow an advertiser to bid on keyword phrases relevant to forex trading, for example, are Google AdWords, Microsoft Ad Center, Yahoo Search Marketing and many others.

The performance of each campaign can be analyzed via the advertising account. Usually you get enough information to get the clear picture which campaign is successful and which isn’t.

What Does Tweaking Keywords Mean?

Tweaking keywords simply means to adjust the selected keywords you are already using in the campaign in order to improve the performance.

For example, let’s say, you are running an ad with the keywords “forex brokers reviews”, however the results are begging for better. In order to improve click through rates (CTR), you might want to play with other terms, such as, for example “online forex brokers” or “best forex brokers” and analyze the results at the end of the month.

Can You Use Multiple Keywords for One Site?

Yes, you can definitely use more than 1 keyword or keyword phrase per site, however keep in mind that it is too difficult to optimize a page for more than 2 or 3 keyword phrases.

What is Effective PPC Campaign?

There are several things an advertiser should pay attention to when choosing to run a ppc campaign:

1. Prepare your website/landing page

Unless your site is ready to convert the visitors, all the organic and/or paid traffic you will send to your site will not produce any income to you!

The good forex converting pages usually have the following attributes:

• Pictures of professionally-looking people with cash in their hands! Nothing speaks more clearly than a pack of dollars!
• Pass on the clear message. It is important to present the visitors with the information they are searching for the moment they enter you site. The text has to be easy-to-comprehend and all the unnecessary writing should be avoided.

Creating sales is not about showing off your creative writing skills – it’s about attractive offer and a huge button that tells you where to click!

• Speaking of buttons – use action phrases, or more precisely words: “Trade Now!”, “Join”, “Free Sign Up” etc. do the job.

• Avoid flash at all cost – it is a true killer for any campaign! Of course, you don’t need to boycott flash all together. Couple of adjustments here and there to enhance your site’s look and feel are acceptable, however, it is advisable to stick to HTML.

2. Prepare keyword phrases

PPC is all about the right keywords, at the right time and location! The keyword list should be changed and updated according to the results of small test ppc campaigns.

3. Don’t use Broad Match

Google AdWords, for example, allows you to use an option of “broad match”, which uses all possible variations of your keywords. For example, if you are targeting keyword ” Forex Brokers “, then under broad match option your ad might show up at queries such as ” Regulation Authorities for forex brokers”. As far as I know, the conversion rate of such campaigns are very low, therefore, go for exact match when you target a specific keyword.

4. Testing never ends

PPC campaigns need constant monitoring, improvement and analyzing, since in most cases, small changes here and there can make huge differences. For example, if a title ” Forex Brokers” doesn’t get attention, maybe it is time to use something like “BEST Forex Brokers 2010” instead.

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