Devising a Strong Linking Strategy

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Link building is one of the important aspects that can make a website achieve top ranking in search engine results for a specific search phrase. A strong linking strategy can make your site visible to the search engines, increase its credibility, and bring a plethora of traffic to your site. But getting links or giving them away at random will not achieve the targeted results you desire. You need to have a careful plan for getting the optimum effect.

Types of links:

Link building is not a one way option for getting better page rank. There are basically three types of link building strategies that you can follow, which include:

  • Internal Links – When pages within a particular site are interlinked
  • Incoming Links – When third party websites link back to your site link – also called Inbound Links.
  • Outgoing Links – Where you are directing the web crawler towards a third party site that has content or matter or related to your site or topic of discussion.

Components of a good link building strategy:

There are some basic steps to creating a powerful link building strategy:

  • Building links that contain appropriate keyword rich title and descriptions.
  • Using targeted keywords in your anchor tags.
  • Linking your site to reputable and relevant websites only.

Some steps for a good link-building strategy

The main goal behind building links is to increase traffic to your site. So, you should keep the following points in mind to benefit from your link building strategies:

  • Submit your site URL to highly traveled link directories like DMOZ, Yahoo Directory, etc, using the proper category.
  • Select thematic link building where you receive links from websites that have relevant themes and content.
  • Make sure that your links are easily found. A good strategy is to use different but relevant description texts for your website URL. Make sure that such descriptions feature your targeted keywords. For example, if you are offering web development services in LA, instead of using “Los Angeles based web design and web development company provides full range of services” for every page, use different descriptions like “Los Angeles web design company is a premier web development and programming service provider in California – feel free to contact us” for your Contact Us page, “View our portfolio: professional website pages, web portal programming, graphic custom design, ecommerce business solutions” for the Portfolio page would be better where each page has its customized description text with the keywords sprinkled in them.
  • Anchor text that utilizes relevant keywords also help in effective link building.
  • You should ensure that your links are either permanent or remain on the sites for at least a year so that you can benefit from them. If your links are there today and gone tomorrow, you won’t benefit from the link juice that these inbound links would get for your site.
  • It’s better to stay away from dubious sites, link farms and FFA networks while you try to get backlinks. Since FFA (Free For All) link pages are like classified websites where your backlink would be gone if your don’t renew it, you will have to come back after sometime and keep on renewing them, that too with the same anchor text for getting best results. So, people prefer to give such sites a miss.
  • Make sure that your links appears on pages that can be crawled by search engine robots. So, don’t go for links from Robots Meta Tag, Robots.txt or the ones that appear on redirected pages, framed or flash pages etc as the search engine bots can’t crawl links on such platforms.

Remember, a good link building strategy not only helps you to create brand awareness on the Web but also helps to draw potential customers to your website. However, it is a continuous process, which needs a lot of patience and constant monitoring. Regularly repeating the above steps as part of your effective link building strategy will aid in increasing your web traffic.

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