Internal Linking – An Important Factor in On-Page Optimisation

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Often, when SEO professionals enthusiastically talk about link building they focus on the benefits of inbound links. In the rush of that enthusiasm what they ignore usually is the value and advantage of internal linking structure that actually bring a few worthy benefits. Internal links are those that connect one page in a website to its other pages. When a website gets indexed first by the search engines only the home page normally gets indexed. The remaining pages get indexed in time. A well-laid out linking structure can help the inner pages get indexed fast. Internal linking is more important for e-commerce sites that have so many product pages with corresponding keywords.

Let’s check out a few of the benefits of properly implemented internal linking in a website from an SEO point of view.

• Better ranking

Internal linking helps the search engines delve more into your website’s inner pages. They help search engines find the pages easily and index them, which in turn help in better ranking.

• Easy navigation

An internally well-linked website helps the users reach the page they want easily. Also, they can help users reach other related content that they might be interested in. In the case of business websites, this can be very valuable as you can provide the links of related products on the page that the visitors are checking for.

• Good reputation

If the users go back and forth in site without finding what they find they would soon get fed up and leave your site. A good website is that which provides its visitors the information they are looking faster. With all the pages linked properly and a detailed sitemap visitors would love to return to a website more and more.

Internal linking makes up just one of the many factors of SEO but it can actually get your website good ranking and more visitors. It is never too late to implement a good internal linking in a website. If you haven’t done it till now you could do it and watch your site improve its rankings.

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