Video Editing – Using a YouTube Channel to Gain Exposure and Get Hired

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Using your YouTube channel for promoting your business is a popular way to gain exposure. Many people use video blogging to talk about their favorite topics, then add a banner from their own site or business, so even if you’re not a professional video editor there are ways to gain exposure.

If you don’t have a banner you can use YouTube annotations to add text and links in your video! Also remember to add your site’s URL in the video description for links and trackbacks from Google.

Also use lots of keywords and text in your description to get extra traffic.

Promote your YouTube channel on your site and promote your site on your YouTube channel. Also place the links anywhere else you can.

Perhaps the most important step is to have your contact information available on your YouTube Channel. Make sure it’s easily visible so people can contact you for job opportunities.

Comment on other videos and channels related to your niche. Also comment on blogs and other places on the web and use your YouTube link or website as a backlink, since most blogs and sites allow you to add a link with your comment. Specially if the page uses DoFollow for comments, then you will get LinkJuice from Google for having that blog link to you. This builds your link’s authority and popularity. Do a search on Google for DoFollow blogs and find a list or search tool that can find all blogs that have this, then comment on articles related to your topic. This is an important step for building authority on Google.

Hope you found some of this useful.

Good luck with gaining business through your YouTube Channel.

originally written by the author of Tube Blogger, The Helpful Web.

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