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If you are an online marketer, or are currently running an online business, then there are some marketing techniques to avoid. Doing the following unethical marketing tactics can result in having one’s website removed and being banned from several social networks. First not do use certain keywords too much in website content. The second involves plagiarizing someone else’s work; this includes content, music, photos, and products. Lastly, do not duplicate information on different websites.

  1. Be careful of keyword choice. One needs to be careful of using phrases too many times. If a website, or article is filled with the same phrase too often, it can cause a reader to get confused. Using a certain phrase too much can also cause a high percentage with keyword density. When using certain phrases one must aim for 2% with keyword density. One has to be careful of clogging certain phrases together, because this can lead to being dropped from Google search engines results.
  2. Do not plagiarize someone’s work. When writing an article, one must be careful not to copy the same content. An article has to be original and contain valuable information in order to be recognized. Plagiarism also includes avoiding the use of someone’s pictures, or music. Be certain to cite the source, or get permission when using someone else’s work. Do your best to use your own ideas, be creative, unique, and try to display the work as original.
  3. Do not use the same content, or same information on different advertising websites. In other words, do not duplicate content. For example, if you write an article about different marketing tactics, and if you would like to create a blog with similar information, take the information and rewrite everything, or list the information in steps. Using different information and listing it, makes it easier for customers to read. When writing, or listing information about online marketing, you need to find a way to be helpful to people. People like to be helped, that is the reason why they search the internet.

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